How it Works

Our software platform streamlines sample development and automates your procurement process -- allowing you to focus on sales and marketing efforts. You can think of it as your internal product and production team.

Order Tracking

Monitor all on-demand and just-in-time order statuses in real time.

  • Real-time Production Status Monitoring
  • Review Tracking numbers
  • Review Customer Info.
  • Check TI Stock Yarn & Trim Availability
  • Check your trim stock in real-time
  • Receive Low Inventory Notifications


Monitory TI stock yarn availability as well as trims you have stocked with us for planning and forecasting purposes.


PO Builder

Use PO Builder to submit just-in-time (250MOQ) orders. View pricing in real-time using our pricing estimator. Submit orders to our ops team for review and approval.

  • Build Your PO & Review Real-time Pricing
  • On-demand 1MOQ w/ STK Styles
  • Just-in-time 250MOQ
  • Download our Shopify App
  • Set Inventory Fulfillment to Tailored Industry on-demand
  • Request Fulfillment As Orders Come In

Download our Shopify App to us our on-demand fulfillment service, which allows you to push single orders to Tailored Industry for 72HR drop shipping.

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